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Air Purifier

AMERICAN MICRONIC- 22 Watts Air Purifier with HEPA filter, Activated Carbon Filter & Ioniser Buy at Amazon

HEPA Filter that removes 99.97% of Air borne particles upto PM 2.5. Activated Carbon Filter removes oil vapors & odors. No harmful Ozone gas.

Built-in Ionizer safely removes smoke & suspended particles. Can switch Ionizer ON/Off when required.

Conveniance of 1-2-4-8 hour timer with 3 speed Air flow with sleep mode

Useful for Bedroom upto 150-200 sq. feet, Children's room or Office cabin

American Micronic imported desktop air purifier is ideal for bedrooms, children room and office cabin. It has multi filtration technology with High Efficiency Particulate Arrest (HEPA) Filter that removes 99.97% of Air borne particles.

It has an Activated Carbon Filter that removes oil vapors,odor and other hydrocarbons.

Type: Air Purifier
Capacity: 22 Watts Motor. Suitable for 150-200 sq. feet room
Power input: 220V AC

1-4-8 hours Timer
Bult in ionizer function

Package Contains: Air Purifier, Warranty Card, Instruction Manual

Warranty: 1 Year



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