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Water Heaters 15L & 25L Buy at Amazon15L/ 25L

-Titanium enamel glass lined tank
-Maximum protection against hard water and corrosion -2mm Ultra-thick inner steel tank to handle 8 bars pressure
-Also suitable for installation in multi-story buildings -Energy saving 42 mm PUF insulations with density of 35kg/m3
-High efficiency and long life glass lined SUS316L heating element
-Temperature Range: 30-75 degree centigrade
-Power input : 220V AC, 800W/ 1200W/ 2000W with Variable temperature control with capillary thermostat -φ22x234mm Magnesium Anode for superior corrosion resistance
-Multiple safety systems to protect against dry heating and over pressure
-Automatic power cut off to ensure power savings -Weather and moisture proof IPX4
-Fire retardant cable with 3 pin plug
-Superior quality built quality for long life
-Specially built for Indian water conditions

Type: Water Heater (Geyser)
Size: 15 Litre/ 25 Litre
Power input: 230W AC
Power Rating: 800/1200/2000 Watts

Package Contains:  Water Heater, Mounting Bolts, Pressure Relief Valve, Instruction Manual, Warranty Card

Warranty: 2 Years



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