15 Litre Horizontal Water Heater


American Micronic - 15 Litre Imported Horizontal Water Heater, 8 Bar pressure with Glass Lined Steel tank and BEE 5 Star Rating.


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Key Features

The Titanium enamel glass lined tank integrated inside the water heater is resistant to the effects of hard water and corrosion.

This water heater allows you to control the temperature of water with its built-in capillary thermostat. You can set the temperature of the water from 30 to 75 degree C.

To prevent idle usage and for safety, the water heater has automatic cut-off function. This function shuts down the water heater automatically once the pre-set temperature is reached.

The internal storage tank is made of 2mm Ultra-thick steel. This tank can withstand water capacity of up to 15 litres and water pressure of up to 8 bars.

Technical Specifications



2 Year

Technical specifications

Power Input

Max Power

Max Pressure


230 Volts

2000 Watts

8 Bars

15 Litres

Weight and dimensions

Weight of product

Dimensions of product

13.500 Kg

34 x 52.9 x 34 cm